Waterside is a huge development stretching from the old Trebor sweet factory site up the Arnold Clark car dealership. Here is the old masterplan with our comments submitted to Chesterfield Borough Council:

Note that the new canal section through the housing area has now been removed.

A small section of housing was built next to Brimington Road but now there is an application for a larger housing development including a new bridge to replace the old ‘Lavers’ one.

Cycling doesn’t seem to have been given much thought, we’ve had to battle to get a shared path alongside the housing development and at present there are only vague ideas of a bridge to connect to the Trans Pennine Trail. Please be aware that the towpath through Waterside is a footpath only, legally cyclists must use Brimington Road. This is why we are so keen to get a new traffic free cycle route through the whole development to the railway station. Our ideas are summed up below:

Nearer the town centre permission has been granted for an office block to be built. Plans here include a new shared path alongside Brimington Road. However we have commented (and been ignored) about the poor design.