Chesterfield Cycle Campaign promotes cycle use in Chesterfield for both leisure and utility journeys.

By campaigning for a comprehensive network, we aim to improve conditions for cyclists so that cycling becomes a safer and more attractive option than car travel for local journeys.

Positive news – bridge open

The old railway bridge at the southern end of the Avenue site which has remained closed for many years has been opened to allow social distancing during the virus outbreak for people out exercising! This means you can avoid the dark underpass to get to Mill Lane or the path to the bottom of Hagg Hill.

Unfortunately the notice suggests the bridge will be closed again eventually.

New Infrastructure

The shared route from Whittington Moor roundabout to Peak Resort is currently under construction. The first section from Whit Moor (next to Gilbert Heathcote school) to the Sheepbridge estate is complete. The next stage from Peak resort back to Sheepbridge is being built although we understand construction has stopped at present.

Cancelled Events

Our venue for monthly meetings is closed until further notice so no meetings for the time being.  Also cancelled is the Friday Night Ride on April 3rd and Dr Bike on April 4th.

A Look at Infrastructure

Our Chair and Secretary met officers from Sustrans this morning to show them the Waterside development and railway station. With the impending station master plan and the continuing wrangle over the cycle bridge from the TPT to Waterside its very important to have their understanding of the situation.

Air Quality Action Plan

Over 3 years ago a terrace of houses in Brimington (next to the one way system) failed the air quality level. That resulted in the declaration of an Air Quality Management Area and requires Chesterfield Borough Council to produce an action plan. After three years the plan has been published and is out for public consultation. The documents are here.

Our Campaign doesn’t think this action plan is good enough, especially relocating traffic to a Brimington By-pass which will simply move poor air quality elsewhere. Should you feel the same you can respond to the consultation too.