Chesterfield Cycle Campaign promotes cycle use in Chesterfield for both leisure and utility journeys.

By campaigning for a comprehensive network, we aim to improve conditions for cyclists so that cycling becomes a safer and more attractive option than car travel for local journeys.

Queens Park Cycle Track

The Brampton Bicycle Club held their first session on the old Queen’s Park cycle race track today and twenty riders turned up despite the sub zero temperatures. They are running similar sessions on 4th Feb & 4th March. Club sessions are normally for under 16’s on a Thursday evening between Easter and October but this is a new venture for both adults and children.

2008 – Cyclists Breakfast

22 September 2008 – 12:44pm — Secretary

In celebration of European Car Free Day 10 members of the Campaign gathered outside Organic Heaven for a cyclists breakfast at 8.00am.

Cyclists breakfast
Enjoying breakfast

2008 – Brimington Road Cycle Lanes Extended

The cycle lanes on Brimington Road, which previously only ran as far as Tapton Park, have now been extended to its full length as far as the A619.

The northern end of Brimington Road, facing southwards towards town.
  The northern end, facing northwards towards the A619.
 The junction with the A619.  Currently, all traffic except buses must turn left towards the busy and fast-moving Sainsbury’s roundabout.
 The cycle lane becomes very narrow past this pedestrian crossing point.  This is encouraging cars to squeeze past cyclists instead of waiting until they have passed through the gap.
 The path on the inside of the bend has been widened, just before it rejoins the road.
 The path of the outside of the bend has been resurfaced for a distance of about 25 metres …
 … but e
The northern end of Brimington Road, facing southwards towards town.

2008 – Ride to Matlock

Five Campaign members cycled from Holymoorside to Matlock on Sunday 7th Sept. Good weather on the way out, lunch at the organic ‘Greenways’ cafe, but typically for this year a good soaking on the return.

2008 Autumn East Midland Cycle Forum

The Chesterfield Cycle Campaign hosted the Spring 2008 meeting of the Forum. It is now Lincoln’s turn to host the Autumn 2008 meeting. If you are interested in attending please contact the Secretary or download a booking form here.