From the infrastructure menu you can check the latest news about developments in and around the town and our Campaign’s responses to applications.

The County Council are prioritising the north – south route from Dronfield to Clay Cross so those routes can be found on the ‘A61 Growth Corridor‘ page. Other major developments which could enhance the cycle network are Waterside, railway station, Peak Resort and Staveley Works corridor.

The ‘smaller developments‘ page lists other developments which our Campaign has commented on to Chesterfield Borough Council’s planning office.

Wish List

The Campaign’s wish is for a network of cycle routes in the town all linked together with clear and logical signing. In 2016 we published our heavily revised cycle map created by Sustrans. With funding from CBC & DCC we have 5000 free copies available.

In May 2008 Derbyshire County Council announced that They want to produce a Cycle Strategy for Chesterfield and NE Derbyshire. The first meeting was held on May 6th 2008 with representatives from our Campaign, Sustrans, DCC School Travel Plan Officer and other council officers. This work rather stalled in early 2009 due to a re-organisation within DCC but in Autumn 2009 the meetings were resumed with several cycling site visits.

There are lots of positive ideas including colour coding routes and producing an ‘underground’ type map.

Realistically it can be difficult to put infrastructure in place especially in the more crowded and built up areas but do let us know if you have ideas for long term development of a route or ‘quick fixes’.

In 2015 a new series of cycle audits were started by DCC. This follows the awarding of £750,000 grant funding from D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership to develop walking and cycling links in Chesterfield. The main focus of this will be the north south route from Unstone to Clay Cross.

You can email the Secretary at

Chesterfield Town Centre Masterplan

URBED is an employee owned co-operative and they were commisioned by Chesterfield Bouough Council in 2008 to produce a new master plan. URBED are very cycle friendly and have produced some interesting proposals. The master plan was adopted by CBC in October 2009. URBEDs presentation boards of ideas can be seen here.

Local Transport Plan

A link to the online pdf download of the Derbyshire LTP is available here, a summary of the local measures proposed will appear here soon.

Campaign Policies

The Campaign supports the ‘Stop at Red’ campaign. At night or in bad visibility cyclists must use lights (see our lighting poster). Cycling on pavements when not a designated shared or segregated route remains illegal.