Chesterfield Cycle Campaign promotes cycle use in Chesterfield for both leisure and utility journeys.  By campaigning for a comprehensive network, we aim to improve conditions for cyclists so that cycling becomes a safer and more attractive option than car travel for local journeys.

Campaign March meeting

Our March meeting will be on Tuesday 14th at 7.30pm in the Chesterfield Community Centre between the coach station and South Place. All welcome.

Barriers next to Park Road

The Borough Council have agreed that the barriers have not been installed correctly. We are now awaiting contractors to move one barrier further away from Park Road and install with at least a 2m gap between them.

Derby Road

The 'Copenhagenising' of junctions along Derby Road is coming along, waiting for signage and markings to be applied.





We are less happy about this feature which has appeared just north of the Derby Road Toucan crossing. The radii is far too sharp and the length of dropped kerb too short. We are having discussions with DCC!

February Meeting

Our February meeting will take place on Tuesday 14th February, 7.30pm in Chesterfield Community Centre near the coach station.

This meeting will focus on a joint discussion with representatives from CNED Ramblers and Grassland Hasmoor.

All welcome.

Peak Resort

Work seems to have finally started building the perimeter bridleway around Peak Resort, incidentally this will link to the planned shared path to Dronfield.

Unstone to Dronfield

Derbyshire County Council have approved the building of a shared route alongside the main road from Unstone to Dronfield. Construction will be probably not until 2018. However at the Unstone end it will link in with the proposed new bridleway around the edge of Peak Resort.

Chicane barriers Park Road

Just before Christmas this chicane barrier was erected on the Hipper Valley Trail adjacent to the sandwich shop on Park Road. 

The installation does not meet with current cycle path standards and the Campaign has contacted Derbyshire County Council to ask for the spacing to be increased at the very least.

It isn't clear who has actually put this in place, probably contractors finishing off the site - new lighting and tarmac has recently been completed.

Happy Christmas

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas and a safe new year!

Campaign Meeting

Our November meeting will be at 7.30pm on Tuesday 8th November in Chesterfield Community Centre. Hope to see you there!

Brampton Bicycle Club Family Rides

Brampton Bicycle Club have finished their evening sessions for U18's now for the winter but are organising some family cycle rides, anyone is welcome to join in. More details here -

Meet in the car park next to the old Queen's Park Sports Centre to leave at 11.00am.
12th November - Holmebrook Valley Trail - Ashgate - Hipper Valley Trail triangular route (about 3 miles)
10th December - Exploring the Stonegravels Way - traffic free and traffic light routes to Whittington Moor and back. Stop at Tapton Lock Visitor Centre for refreshments.
14th January - Trip to Holmebrook Valley Park lake and back. Stop at Monkey Park cafe for refreshments.
11th March - Hollingwood Hub cafe (Nonna's) and return. Stop for refreshments at the cafe.
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