Chesterfield Cycle Campaign promotes cycle use in Chesterfield for both leisure and utility journeys.  By campaigning for a comprehensive network, we aim to improve conditions for cyclists so that cycling becomes a safer and more attractive option than car travel for local journeys.

Cycle Superhighways in London Announced

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has unveiled proposed routes for the first two of London’s twelve Cycle Superhighways - the corridors for cyclists that are a key part of his policy to stimulate a cycling revolution in the capital.

The aim of the Cycle Superhighways is to provide safe, direct and continuous routes into central London from the outer boroughs, making life easier for cyclists and encouraging those who travel into work by other modes of transport to commute by bike, helping to cut congestion, relieve overcrowding, and cutting emissions.

The two pilot routes will be up and running by May 2010.  Another ten routes, spanning across London and greatly improving the capital’s cycling infrastructure, are being developed ahead of 2012, with each route covering between 10 and 15km.

For the full details and a map of the proposed route, see the press release on the Greater London Authority website.

New B & Q site

Many of you will be wondering when the cycle route is going to open. Here is the official explanation from a Chesterfield Borough Council official;

They tell me that things are going slower than we would like, but the nub of it is that the lighting and landscaping works around the routes and the skatepark need to be complete before the paths can be opened.

This is because the county council, which is to adopt them and take on the liabilities that go with adoption, will not take them over until they are properly completed and up to specification.  For that reason the paths are not open to the public yet and that is why they are fenced off.  Tantalisingly, they may look pretty well ready and usable, but they are still unfinished.  The path through to Park Road is only at base course (and that not up to specification and disrupted by being the access route for works on the skatepark).  The skatepark has no landscaping or litter bins yet and no lighting has gone in for any of these facilities. The lighting design is being considered as part of the % for Art scheme across the site.  The route over from Hipper Street South has to remain closed for the reasons already given, so IT LOOKS AS IF IT WILL BE A WHILE BEFORE AN ANNOUNCEMENT CAN SAY THE PATHS ARE OPENING.

Officers here are on the case and a meeting takes place with county council officers on 11th June.  It is to be hoped that the meeting helps get some progress, such that the routes can be adopted and opened.

Campaign stall at Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Yesterday, Chesterfield Royal Hospital held an Improving Working Lives day, an initiative aimed at supporting staff and promoting welfare.  The Campaign was invited to hold a stall to promote cycling in conjuction with the Hospital's Cycle to Work scheme launched in February this year.

The stall attracted a lot of interest and around 60 Chesterfield Cycle Maps were given away (paid for by the Hospital).  Supplies of many of the other leaflets we hold were also exhausted, particularly the Five Pits Trail and Cycle Derbyshire maps.  Interestingly, many hospital employees were unaware of the Cycle to Work scheme.

No new members were signed up on the day, but hopefully the publicity gained and the promotion of our Bike Week rides will encourage some of the visitors to join in the future.

Summer newsletter now online

The summer newsletter is now available to download in PDF format.

You can also download previous issues from the Newsletters page.

Tesco car park planning application

New Lockoford Lane junction

Wilson Bowden, developers of the new Tesco store at Whittington Moor, have submitted a planning application to amend the proposed car park. Whilst its primary objective appears to be to improve the flow of cars, cyclists and pedestrians will also benefit.

A shared path, which was formerly broken by two zebra crossings, has now been re-routed around the perimeter of the site and provides a continuous route to the cycle stands from the new Lockoford Lane junction.

The Campaign's main concern is that the path appears to be only 2 metres wide, less than the 3 metre minimum recommended by the Cycle Infrastructre Design guidelines (section 8.5), and we have raised this point with Chesterfield Borough Council.

Further details and plans are available on Chesterfield Borough Council's website.

Leeds Cyclepoint - A new cycle-rail facility

Northern Rail, part owned by Netherlands rail company NedRailways, is planning to launch a new type of cycle facility at Leeds Station.  Cyclepoint is based on a proven Dutch concept which combines manned and secure cycle storage, with retail, repair and hire facilities. 

Northern's aim is to make their services easier to use by improving access to and from the network, and to offer the most environmentally friendly, sustainable transport option possible.

The pilot in Leeds is planned to open in Spring/Summer 2010 with the possibility of further Cyclepoints at major stations across the UK if the scheme proves to be successful.

For more information, download the Cyclepoint brochure.

CTC CycleDigest 58 now available

Issue 58 of CTC's CycleDigest quarterly campaigning newsletter is now available to download.  Topics in this edition include:

  • 'Safety in Numbers' - CTC's new road safety campaign (page 1)
  • New cycling targets for Wales, Scotland and Ireland (page 2)
  • Local Transport Plan 3 - CTC's view on new guidance (page 2)
  • Schools and cycling (page 3)
  • Latest on 20mph (page 4)
  • 'An uphill struggle' - hilliness and what to do about it by Neil Guthrie from Atkins (page 5)
  • Offroad and Rights of Way news (page 6)
  • Report on a visit to the Netherlands (page 7)
  • Diary dates and new publications (page 8)

Back issues are available from CTC's website.

Proposed Hollingwood Lock Development

Last week, Derbyshire County Council submitted a planning application to renovate the former lock keepers cottage at Hollingwood Lock on the Chesterfield Canal.  The proposals involve extending the disused building and converting it to a community use facility with offices and a multi purpose space.  On the other side of the canal, a car park with 32 spaces would be built, having its entrance on Station Road.  (click Read More to see full article)

Path Re-opens

After being closed for over two years the short section of cycle path between the Riverside estate and the bottom of Hady Hill has finally had the fences removed and is now available again.

Railway Station

As part of East Midland Trains planning application for the new car park they were required to provide seven more cycle parking spaces. This had been translated to seven 'cycle stands' in various correspondence.

The new cycle provision seems to have been put in place now - two additional Sheffield stands on platform 1 and another two stands next to the taxi rank.

The Campaign had asked that the original two stands next to the taxi rank were moved to outside the station entrance for the use of people just visiting the station, perhaps to buy an advance ticket since that facility has been withdrawn from the tourist office, but our plea appears to have been ignored and the situation made worse by the addition of two more stands. Very few people use these cycle stands mainly because they are hidden by the taxis, there are cars parked in close proximity on both sides and they are perceived as less secure. There are no signs indicating cycle parking is available there either.

The Campaign has indicated our concerns to CBC Planning Dept but feel there is little chance of progress because EMT have fulfilled the planning requirements.

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