Chesterfield Cycle Campaign promotes cycle use in Chesterfield for both leisure and utility journeys.  By campaigning for a comprehensive network, we aim to improve conditions for cyclists so that cycling becomes a safer and more attractive option than car travel for local journeys.

European Car Free Day September 22nd

It's Car Free Day on Tuesday 22nd September and though Chesterfield will probably not quite manage to go totally car free for the day, we thought we'd do a special bike ride to celebrate!

Car Free bike ride
Tuesday 22nd September
Depart Town Hall at 6pm to end at the Crispin on Ashgate Road. There is food available in the evening.

Cycle Lane Benefits Called Into Question

A recent study, supported by CTC, has found that motorists overtaking cyclists allow less room when there is a cycle lane present, and drivers tend to stay within the middle of their own marked lane.  When no cycle lane is present, drivers 'consciously perform an overtaking manoevre'.

CTC’s policy co-ordinator, Chris Peck, said: ‘Cycle lanes have a part to play in improving road conditions for cyclists, but this research has raised concerns that they are not always the best solution.  Where a cycle lane exists, drivers may overtake with the belief that they can use the entire road space outside the cycle lane, and consequently, may be paying less attention to the cyclist’s need for space.’

It also means that, where cycle lanes are provided, it is important that they should meet the width requirements outlined in the Cycle Infrastructure Design guidelines which stipulate an optimal width of 2 metres, although a minimum of 1.5 metres may be acceptable on 30 mph roads.  Where road space is limited, advisory lanes (marked by dashed lines) allow vehicles to enter when a cyclist is not present.

Campaign 'longer' Ride

Campaign ride out along the Five Pits to Hardwick and back on Sunday 20th September.

10.00am: Meet at the skateboard park beside B&Q Car Park

The route uses a combination of paths shown as rideable on the campaign map of Chesterfield, part of Arnold Robinson's ride of the same name, and a return route all of our own (actually Paul's) which links in with the Five pits trail again. There are some up & down bits involved but nothing precipitous & we are not intending to break any records! The ride is about 18miles (30km) or

so in length and so including stops (not too many punctures hopefully) and a good lunch break I would expect us to be back in Chesterfield not much later than 4 pm (assumes 5mph & 2hrs of stops). The weather looks good for a ride but please bring water/wind proof clothing and something warm to put on when we stop, some drinks & snacks for during the ride and a packed lunch or money to buy lunch at the pub near Hardwick Hall where we plan to stop at lunchtime.

Transport Direct travel planner

Transport Direct is a comprehensive travel planning website. They are trialling a route planner for cyclists, it only covers a few areas (table below) at the moment.  They are looking for feedback - so if you know any of the areas covered - give it a go.

The current local authority areas for which data has been collected, collated and loaded into the cycle planner are:

European Car Free Day September 22nd

It's Car Free Day next Tuesday, and, though Chesterfield will probably not quite manage to go totally car free for the day, we thought we'd do a special bike ride to celebrate!

Car Free bike ride
Tuesday 22nd September
depart Town Hall at 6pm

Newsletter & Meeting

Apologies for the late newsletter, a combination of printing delays and holidays means that they are only now being distributed.

The Campaigns September meeting will take place this Tuesday, 8th Sep - agenda and minutes of previous meeting available on the website.

Chesterfield Canal Bluebank Loop Re-surfacing

Between Wheeldon Lock and Bluebank Lock (3)

Repair and resurfacing works to the multi-user section of the Bluebank Loop are due to start on 21st September.

During the works, the former railway line between Wheeldon Mill Lock and Bluebank Lock will be closed during the day when works are taking place, but will re-open at other times where possible.  Walkers and cyclists will be directed onto the parallel canal towpath, which remains open.

The works are expected to take approximately three weeks, depending on the weather conditions.

Autumn Newsletter Now Online

The Autumn Newsletter is now available to download in PDF format.

You can also get back issues from our Newsletters page.

An Example of Dutch Cycling Infrastructure

This recent video from YouTube shows just one example of the kind of infrastructure that can be found all over the Netherlands.  This particular road, resembling Chatsworth Road or Whittington Moor in its scale, is nearly 200 years old and the author has this to say about it:

"Good cycling infrastructure is also possible in old streets. This street in Utrecht (Netherlands) was designed by Napoleon when the Netherlands were part of the French Empire in 1812. It was part of the 'Route Impériale no. 2' which connected Paris via paved direct roads with Amsterdam (515 kilometers or 320 miles).  The street design was changed several times in 200 years. It got the separate cycle paths that exist today around the year 2000."

Trans Pennine Trail Closure at Staveley

View south from Lowgates bridge (August 2009)

Work on the Staveley North Loop road has progressed significantly and, having missed its original completion date of March 2009, now looks like it could well meet its revised target of September 2009.  The rebuilt pathway linking the Rother Valley and Arkwright branches of the Trans Pennine Trail also looks to be substantially complete.

There isn't such good news elsewhere, with the canal reconstruction and towpath still needing a significant amount of work.  It seems that the Trans Pennine Trail link to Chesterfield, already closed for around two years, will remain cut off from the rest of the network for some time to come.

New photographs of construction progress in August have been uploaded to the Image Gallery.

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