Railway Station

As part of East Midland Trains planning application for the new car park they were required to provide seven more cycle parking spaces. This had been translated to seven 'cycle stands' in various correspondence.

The new cycle provision seems to have been put in place now - two additional Sheffield stands on platform 1 and another two stands next to the taxi rank.

The Campaign had asked that the original two stands next to the taxi rank were moved to outside the station entrance for the use of people just visiting the station, perhaps to buy an advance ticket since that facility has been withdrawn from the tourist office, but our plea appears to have been ignored and the situation made worse by the addition of two more stands. Very few people use these cycle stands mainly because they are hidden by the taxis, there are cars parked in close proximity on both sides and they are perceived as less secure. There are no signs indicating cycle parking is available there either.

The Campaign has indicated our concerns to CBC Planning Dept but feel there is little chance of progress because EMT have fulfilled the planning requirements.