Walton Works

The whole corridor south of Chatsworth Road from West Bars roundabout going west to Morrisons supermarket was included in a study conducted via the Community Forums in 2006. The first part of this site to be developed was the new 'Health Village'. The Campaign suggested that traffic should not be allowed to access this site from Dock Walk (as originally planned) to protect the Hipper Valley Route. This was accepted by the Council planning dept as a condition of granting the application. A barrier now prevents through traffic with a bypass for bikes and pedestrians although there is no dropped kerb for bikes!

A planning application for the former Walton Works site west of Factory Street was lodged in 2007 for the conversion of the mill building and building of new houses. This was rejected due to potential traffic problems. The planning application was withdrawn (27th August 2008).

A new planning application was submitted (July 2012) to convert the old buildings into flats and community rooms but more significantly to build a supermarket on the remainder of the site. This application was disposed due to being inactive in December 2015.

Feb 2016 - A new planning application has been received for the site. A full application for conversion of the existing grade 2 listed mill and outline permission for houses and retail on the rest of the site. The application also includes outline permission for housing on the field which was the site of the nappy works on the other side of Goyt Side.

January 2017 - Our secretary spoke at the planning committee meeting early this month stressing the need for good cycle infrastructure. The planning application was passed and we hope work will start soon.

December 2018 - Lidl have been given planning permission to build a new store on the site of Perry's Ford garage. Following an objection from our Campaign they will put traffic free cycle access to the store from Goyt Side Road.