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Although this development is substancially complete there are still some outstanding issues. The developers went into receivership but the site has now been taken over by another company who have installed lighting and finished tarmacing the main path. Unfortunately they have installed a far too tight chicane barrier next to Park Road - we campaigned to have this removed or altered but in the meantime our pressure means the gates are unlocked and open.

Following the extension of the adjacent Ravenside Retail Park the path has been reinstated leading to the shops with some rather handy Sheffield stands at the end.

The continuation to the railway station along the old branch line is now complete.

The shared path has been continued south alongside Derby Road to connect with the Rother Washlands path to Storforth Lane.

It is also possible to cut through round the back of the fire station and enter the new estate from the fire station access road to access the houses there or carry on to the Rother Washlands path.