Policy Documents

A range of Policy documents which include cycling as part of their targets, or provide facts and figures to support the benefits of cycling.

Local policy

Chesterfield Borough Local Plan, Adopted 2006
Sets out the local planning authority's detailed policies and proposals for the development and use of land within Chesterfield borough, including Staveley and Brimington, until 2016.

Derbyshire County Council Local Transport Plan 2011 - 2026
A framework for the future of Derbyshire's transport system, including strategies to improve healthy travel choices, make roads safer, reduce congestion and improve air quality.

National policy

Planning Policy Guidance 13: Transport
Guidelines for authorities on how transport initiatives should be integrated into planning decisions.

Cycle Infrastructure Design
Guidance for Local Authorities on providing cycle friendly road layouts and facilities. 

Manual for Streets
Provides guidance for practitioners involved in the planning, design, provision and approval of new residential streets, and modifications to existing ones. It aims to increase the quality of life through good design which creates more people-orientated streets.

A New Deal for Transport: Better for Everyone
The Government's White Paper on the future of transport, published July 1998.

Be Active Be Healthy (Department of Health)
A framework for the delivery of physical activity and promotion of more active lifestyles, including measures to increase cycling and walking.


Cycling & Health (Cycling England)
A review of the evidence that supports the benefits of cycling, including figures and statistics.

Valuing the benefits of cycling (Cycling England)
Examination of the economic benefits of cycling and the ways in which cycling can contribute to Government objectives.

Figures and statistics

Carbon Pathway Analysis (Department for Transport)
Detailed figures on transport-related CO2 emissions, as part of the "Towards a Sustainable Transport System" framework document.

Transport Statistics Great Britain: 2008 (Department for Transport)
This is a major annual report which brings together the full range of transport statistics and is the main general statistical reference source.