Unstone to Dronfield

Derbyshire County Council completed plans for the construction of this new 3m wide shared path in 2017. It will run alongside the road from Unstone Green to Dronfield, connecting at the Unstone end to the new bridleway around Peak Resort.

Cllr Simon Spencer (DCC lead member for Transport) should have made a decision on whether it goes ahead in January 2018 but objections from Unstone Parish councillor Richard Smith and DCC councillor Alex Dale (lead member for young people) means the decision has been postponed pending further consultation.

Construction is funded mainly by a grant from the Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Local Enterprise Fund 'D2N2'.

This will be the first cycle route in Dronfield if built! Do have a look at the website for the local cycle campaigning group;

Cycling for Everyone

Latest news August 2018 - we understand a final decision on whether to go ahead or not will be made in October 2018.