Extending the hipper trail into queens park would give an extra mile or so on the route.I think the paths in the park ie. around the cricket ground are comfortably wide for shared use,other towns have these allready.Plus it would give a safe erea for new cyclists to get some training in. Clive...

There is a slight sticking

There is a slight sticking point of a by-law preventing cycling actually with the park.

Queen's Park Cycle Paths

The Hipper Trail does already go through Queen's Park, although the fact that you were unaware of this suggests that the signs probably need to be improved.

It follows the trackbed of the old railway line, going behind the cafe and emerging on to Park Road.  There is also access into the main Park mid-way along, beside the bridge (which makes a good quiet route into the town centre).

You can then cross Park Road and go into the new B&Q site, following shared cycle/foot paths all the way to Horns Bridge roundabout.  There are toucans across Derby Road if you want to head towards Hasland, or you can turn south down the Derby Road shared path towards the Rother Washlands and Storforth Lane.

The crossing at Park Road is missing a dropped kerb at the B&Q side, but DCC are aware of this and it is on the list for improvement when money is available.

A map of the full route is on the Maps page, here: http://www.chesterfieldcc.org.uk/sites/default/files/file/maps/hipper-va...


queens park cycle path

Sorry what i was trying to say was,to extend the path into and around the park using the exicting wide paths that circle the inside of the park.I know of and use the path that runs straight through. the thought was to give an extra mile to the hipper trail. MR C.