new cycle paths

Watching people cycling along the pavemnt from halfords down to whitington moor roundabought got me thinking,that this could be a safe shared pavent,its wide and easy all way along.Also links with tesco and new path behind hotel.Mr c...

New Cycle paths

Talking of new cycle paths.. does anybody know if the re-development of the Avenue site at Wingerworth will include a link between Grassmoor Country Park (5 Pits Trail) and the Rother Washlands cycle path at Storforth Lane?

Looking at the Sustrans website there seems to be a proposed route NCN 67 but I have not heard anything else about this.

The Avenue

A route has been identified to link Rother Washlands to the Avenue site via Storforth Lane and Midland Terrace - see Map 6 of the proposed cycle network.

I think there is a general assumption that the Avenue site will contain a cycle path, although I'm not privy to any specific details.  So this would potentially get you as far as Mill Lane, and it's fairly easy to get to Grassmoor Country Park from there.

The proposals for the cycle network are a long-term aspiration, and the intention is to keep chipping away at sections of it, as and when money becomes available.  Some parts are marked as requiring discussion because sometimes further investigation reveals issues that may make that part of the plan difficult (eg. land ownership).  In the case of an Avenue route I think the railway bridge is a potential problem.

The Cycle Audit actually

The Cycle Audit actually identified a slightly different route along Whittington Moor, parallel with the bypass.  Have a look at Map 2 here (it's on the blue route):

The trouble with running a cycle path where you suggest is that it crosses a number of side roads and business entrances, meaning that cyclists have to keep stopping to check for turning traffic.

Now if there were any chance of having Dutch-style, segregated bike paths (where cycle lane priority is treated as if it is part of the main road) that would be a different prospect!  There is certainly the space for them.

new paths

Intresting,is that a path running allong the by pass up to whittington moor ?. Mr c.

Whittington Moor

It's not a continuous new path like the one recently built through Stonegravels beside the A61.

It will make use of two quiet roads (Thomson Street and Queen Street North) and the existing footpath that links Foundry Street with King Street North (with some upgrades).  However, new path sections will need to be built at the north and south ends as indicated by the dashed blue lines on Map 2.