Fair warning for dynohub users.

It may have been noticed I run a Schmidt 28 on the touring bike. Indestructible they are....


I rode mine in all that rain we had just before the cold snap. Sunday morning I got it out of the shed to oil the chain, it had been -10C you may recall.  The bike was VERY stiff, I tried pushing it back & forth but the front wheel was solid. So I took it indoors and stood it by a radiator thinking the bearings were full of ice. Sure enough half an hour later it was spinning freely. Unfortunately the lights no longer work. It tried the circuit with an old 6v gel cell, lights on, cleaned up the contacts and spun it, nothing. Th hub's dead. It looks like the ice inside ripped a few wires to bits when I pushed it out of the shed.

I can get it rebuilt, I'm told Schmidt charge around 40euro, plus there's the postage.

 So if you run a dynohub and it freezes overnight warm it up before you try to move it!