extending holme brook trail

Thoughts on turning foot path at the end of the trail,the one that runs through holme hall into a shared path,so taking the trail through to the bridleway at, i think wood nook and down to linacre lakes. this would give a lot more to this trail and encourage more use. MR C

What happened to this one

Hi Alastair,

Was this shelved by DCC, or just delayed?




Extending holmebrook trail.

 I think it would be great for the holmebrook trail if it was to lead all the way up to the Lineker Reservoirs, thus linking two great areas together. I'm sure the trail would get more use a specially in the spring/summer months. Good shout Mr C

An extension of the

An extension of the Holmebrook Valley Trail to Linacre is scheduled by DCC in this financial year (2012/13)